Berber Carpet Repair

Berber carpets are popular for use in heavily trafficked areas in the home, as well as for commercial purposes. However, because these are single yarn carpets, a single rip can cause the entire carpet to begin to unravel.

Soon, you will start to see large bald patches of carpet, that can’t be fixed easily without professional help.  Our Berber carpet repair professionals use specialized processes, techniques, and tools to repair your Berber carpet.

Causes Of Berber Carpet Damage

There are a number of common risks that can cause damage to your Berber carpet. Your dog’s claws can easily create a snag in your Berber carpet or, even the heel of a stiletto can cause enough damage to unravel your carpet.

Repairs for Berber carpet are different from other types of carpet repair. A simple patch will not help repair the damage. New fiber loops must be surgically woven in. If the damage is extensive, a section of the damaged carpet must be removed and replaced with a new matching section.

If your Berber carpet has seen better days, get in touch with the carpet repair professionals at  Carpet Repair Philadelphia. You can schedule your appointment with us or learn more about our Berber carpet repair service by calling 267-214-0181 today.