Carpet Stretching

There’s nothing that says you don’t care about the appearance of your home than a loose, wrinkled or untidy looking carpet. A loose carpet with creases and folds does not look appealing and could cause a guest to trip and fall. This is an issue that should be repaired immediately.  Fortunately, stretching out those creases is easier, and more affordable than replacing your carpet.

Wrinkles and creases can be removed from your carpet via a process called carpet stretching. This is a process in which a carpet that has been rippled or bunched is stretched out from end to end so that all the creases are entirely removed.

When Does My Carpet Need Stretching?

If your carpet is showing signs of wrinkles, creases or folds, where none existed before, get in touch with the carpet stretching professionals at Carpet Repair Philadelphia.

Do you wonder why your carpet became loose? It has to do with daily living conditions. You may have moved your furniture across the carpet more than once or twice, or there may have been mistakes made during installation that has caused this issue.

Even a minor wrinkle or crease that’s barely noticeable must be fixed as quickly as possible because that minor wrinkle can lead to a significant ripple in your carpet down the road.

How Is Carpet Stretching Performed?

Our carpet stretching professionals will lift the ends of the carpet and stretch it from end to end until it is tight and taut with our powerful carpet stretching tool. Once the carpet has been stretched, any excess carpet will be removed, and the carpet will be attached to the tack strip.

Specialized tools and expertise are needed to make sure that your carpet is stretched correctly without damaging it.

Learn more about our carpet stretching service by contacting us today at 267-214-0181