Bleach Spot Carpet Dye Repair

Are you embarrassed about the bleach spot on your carpet? Sure it doesn’t look great but it is nothing that Carpet Repair Philadelphia can’t handle. Back in the old days spilling bleach on your carpet meant hiding the spot under a potted plant or moving a piece of furniture over it to hide it.

Those days are over. With advances in carpet dyeing technology, it is now possible to make that bleached spot disappear for good with our bleach spot dye repair service.

The way that our bleach spot dye repair service works is simple. We use a hi-tech gadget to analyze the color of your carpet and gives us the exact hue of your carpet. We then mix the dyes together until it is exactly the color we need.

The dyes that we use are safe and non-toxic for your children and pets. There is no waiting period before walking on your carpet. The dyes colorfast immediately and will last the lifetime of your carpet.

Our dyes blend in so well you won’t be able to find where the previous damage was located. Carpet Repair Philadelphia bleach spot dye repair specialists are trained and certified in carpet dyeing by the best in the carpet dyeing industry.

Did you know that our bleach spot dye repair service will save you up to 75 percent of the cost of replacing your carpet?

Carpet Repair Philadelphia is a phone call away. We can accommodate any schedule to meet your exact needs. Trust a local professional who always puts the needs of the customer first.

Contact Carpet Repair Philadelphia today at 267-214-0181 and schedule your bleach spot dye repair service today.