Carpet to Tile Transition

Carpet to tile flooring transitions is some of the trickiest areas of carpet installation. Often, installation companies in Philadelphia don’t bother with the transition part, and simply lay out the carpet, leaving the edges where the carpet meets the tile floor, unfinished and unappealing.

If that is the case with your carpet, call the professionals at Carpet Repair Philadelphia.  We have a large variety of solutions that we can use to make the area where your carpet and tile meet look smooth and neat.

We do all types of carpet to floor transitions repairs such as carpet to tile, carpet to linoleum, and carpet to wood flooring transitions.

The kind of transitions that you choose, however, will depend on practical realities. For instance, if there is a height differential between the carpet and tile flooring,  you will need a transition that allows the look to remain intact, and smoothens the appearance of the carpet/floor in that area, without posing a serious slip and fall risk to people in your home.

Carpet to tile transition repairs is especially necessary when homeowners have done flooring installation work themselves. DIY flooring installation can be fun, but owners often do not know  what to do about the area where the carpet meets hard flooring.

The best kind of carpet to tile flooring transition enhances the appearance of this area and doesn’t take away from the beauty of the carpet or the beauty of the hard flooring.

To understand what type of carpet to tile/wood flooring transitions will work best in your home, speak with a carpet to tile transition repair specialist at Carpet Repair Philadelphia today. Give us a call at 267-214-0181 to learn more about our services.