Pet Damage

Ripped pile, claw damage, or the lingering odor of pet urine are some of the issues that pet owners face regularly.   When these situations occur, it’s time to call in Carpet Repair Philadelphia.  You do not have to deal with carpet damage on your own. We are here to help.

We have seen on many occasions where large patches of carpet have been scratched away by a dog trying to get out of a room. Cats are just as guilty of causing carpet damage as they use carpets as scratch pads. 

How Do We Repair Pet Damage?

The type of repairs we use on your carpet depends on the type of damage. For example, if the damage involves a small area, we use small pieces of remnant carpet from your home to repair the damage.

Odor and stain removal is another matter altogether. Cat urine, for instance, can be stubborn to remove. The odor may never disappear without professional intervention from Carpet Repair Philadelphia.

Even after you have scrubbed and cleaned the problem area using a strong detergent cleaner, you ’ll find that the odor lingers. In such cases, we will use a powerful enzyme based deodorizer to attack the odor at the molecular level and neutralize it permanently. We will also remove the damaged section of the carpet and replace it with a new section.

If your carpet has seen far too much love from Fido and Max, call the professionals at Carpet Repair Philadelphia.  Contact us today at 267-214-0181