Seam Repair

Have you noticed a widening gap in your carpet lately? This is the seams in your carpet coming apart. This is an issue that should be addressed ASAP to avoid severely damaging your carpet and impacting the service life of your carpet.

Making prompt repairs to your carpet will extend its service life and keep more of your hard earned money in your bank account.

Our seam repairs can be completed very quickly by our IICRC certified carpet repair specialists. We have two repair options that we can use depending on the type of damage your seams have experienced.

If your carpet is only coming apart at the seams with no other damage, we can re-glue the seams back together with our latex adhesive. For substantial seam damage, we will remove the damaged seam and replace it with a new one.

Carpet Repair Philadelphia is here to take care of all of your seam repair needs. If you have questions about our seam repair service, please give us a call today at 267-214-0480.